Thursday, December 24, 2015

You Are My Everything


You Are My Everything

I turn off the lights in my room and stay alone in the darkness
I lay myself down on my bed
And try to sleep though it doesn’t come

The night we broke up
The last goodbye that I couldn’t say in the end
When I told you to be well – that was all a lie

I thought I forgot you, I though I did forget you
For a moment, without you
I believed that I wouldn’t cry
But still, you live inside of me
Your breath that used to tell me you loved me
It still remains in my ears

* Even if all the other love changes
My love won’t ever change
Touch me touch me
You are everything in my life
Even if you get farther away from me
I will go closer to you
Kiss me kiss me
You are everything in my life

** The tears that ride and fall along my cheeks are wetting my pillow
And I’m also drenched in the memories
Your smile from afar
Becomes a single line of sweet rain in my torn heart and drenches me

* Repeat

Here I’m running to you
Wait for me
I miss you so much
I feel your breath
Now I’m missing you
Will you hug me?
I miss you so much (I feel your touch)

** Repeat

* Repeat


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