Monday, December 21, 2015

What Should I Do Tomorrow (내일은 뭐하지)


What Should I Do Tomorrow (내일은 뭐하지)

My sighs keep increasing
I didn’t know this would happen
I never imagined you would leave me
In this cruel nightmare

Please save me
Hold me once more
Without you, I can’t do anything

My phone used to ring so many times in just a day
Your voice used to sweetly look for me
The things I shared with you are disappearing like smoke
Where are you and what are you doing right now?
If only I could turn back time, I’ll do anything

If you feel the same, call me anytime
If you’re listening to this song, don’t hesitate and call me

* What should I do tomorrow?
You and I, we used to love
We were so happy, we were
What should I do tomorrow?
You and I, we broke up
We were drunk with our tears

Without you, I felt like I could die
It was like a dark night with no sun
I spent those long nights alone
With my silent, answerless phone, I called out your name

Though the scars of that day were like bitter alcohol that’s hard to swallow
If you are by my side, I could do it

(What do I do) when it hurts so much?
(What do I do) when I miss you again?
(What do I do) when I know there’s no use in any of this?

I’m still in this shape
But you’re already gone
Why am I doing this?
I think I’m crazy

* Repeat

Break it down
Whatever we did, we did together
But like a lie, you and I broke up
In that place you were always at, you’re not there
On this street we always walked together, you’re not there

Yesterday, today and tomorrow without you
They are just meaningless days to me



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