Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ride With Me

JC Jieun

Ride With Me

Hop in my ride girl, we can go everywhere (x3)
Baby come Ride with me Ride with me
Baby come Ride with me Ride with me

Wherever you want to go, just leave it up to me, ba ba baby don’t worry
Baby I don’t worry you know that I’m ready Hey ma boy

I want to hold your hand, lean on your shoulders and leave myself up to you
You can rest your eyes for a bit, you can put your seat back and rest
In case my trembling heart is noticed, I turned up the music a bit more

* Baby come Ride with me Baby come Ride with me
At a time when everyone else is asleep, only you and I are here

** If I’m with you, anywhere is good enough for me
I hoped for this moment every single day

C’mon ride with me till the sun goes down
Where you need to be is right by my side
Today, I am your special driver, just input where you wanna go in the GPS
You’re my Bonnie, girl I’m your Clyde
I’ll open the car top for you, touch the sky, green light, red light, stop
I will lean closer to you and steal your sweet lips

*** The softly blowing wind touches her hair
Will she feel my trembling as we are holding hands?
You are so beautiful
Your eyes make me go crazy
Tonight is our own little secret

* Repeat

** Repeat

Push the seat back, empty all other thoughts from your head, girl relax
I dim the lights and I faintly see your silhouette
I can’t express this strange feeling with words
I like that – for you, I’m gon play some slow jams
This is the true romance that I’ve wanted
We hold hands and this romantic song is perfect for the mood
Everything is so perfect

*** Repeat

* Repeat

** Repeat

Seoul to Daejeon, Daejeon to Daegu, Daegu to Busan
Again back to Seoul, we can go everywhere
Where we stop nobody knows (x3)

source: http://cjklyrics.com/jc-jieun-ride-with-me.html

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