Tuesday, December 8, 2015




Do you remember back then?
The night it rained
When we cried all day?

Do you remember afterwards?
The clear morning after the rain
We were in love
But we let each other go

It was pointless to have an umbrella
That’s how much it rained
The highway was clogged up like my heart
Our love was torn apart on top of that
I tried to sew together the pieces
But I just met with failure
Then I suddenly thought of you
Do you still play back that day like me?
Do you still shed tears like me?
Or have you forgotten someone like me and started a new love?
I’m curious tonight
Girl remember, you probably don’t know
That day, I was going home but I thought, should I go back to you?
Should I call you out again? Should I just hug you first?
You don’t know how long I thought about it

Wo (the night that disappeared with the rain) Yeah
Uh (the love that disappeared with the rain)

Who is hurting more, regretting more?
Why do I keep thinking those childish thoughts?
I miss you so much that I’m becoming more and more foolish
I trap myself in the memories and draw out your smile
I’m trying to get rid of the sadness, trying to go back to the happy times
I try believing in it but in the end, tears come
I’m so disgusted with myself, I keep seeing your face
I’m erasing you but you keep getting clearer
Girl remember, you probably don’t know
Today, I went back to that rainy day so many times
I’m only thinking about going back to that day
Do you think of that day sometimes too?

I keep thinking of it
The day she left me
I keep calling her name
Oh what do I do?
I can’t forget her, yeah
I’m thinking of her without even knowing

source: http://cjklyrics.com/vixxlr-remember.html

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