Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I Hate Myself (내가 싫다)


I Hate Myself (내가 싫다)

I fill up my wallet that you bought for me
I make reservations at the restaurant you used to go to
In the seat you used to sit in, is a different person
With whom I am having an awkward conversation

I tell the funny stories I used to tell you
Like a robot, I say the same things over and over again
On the outside, I am smiling but it’s not as great as it looks
Because I keep seeing her as you

* Not making any sense, I meet other people
Not making any sense, I try to love another person
When my love is only you
I hate myself for laughing with someone that isn’t you

I stop by that place that you liked
I pick out some clothes that you would like
And I celebrate a birthday of someone that’s not you
Even I think I am pretty ridiculous

* repeat

Tears are forming in me but
In front of the other person, I pretend to be okay and smile
Me, acting like this – me, being so cowardly –
I crazily hate myself to the point that I get sick of it

Come back to me, I need you
Even if they say I’m crazy, I can’t go on without you
My heart says that it can’t forget you
I miss you, who still lives in my heart

source: http://cjklyrics.com/k-will1-i-hate-myself.html

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