Friday, December 4, 2015

Get Out The Way / Move (비켜)

Epik High

Get Out The Way / Move (비켜)

Get out the way (get out the way, get out the way)

Hurry and saddle up on your speakerbox
Baby I’m a born ridah – I was born with this
A young A, a cocky B, you know, Pythagoras
Even if you double that skill, you can’t beat Tablo
The arrogant ‘Blo of the past is back
Got my obnoxious, troublesome stubbornness back
My dead soul is crack, come and fiend on it
I’m out the grave mutha (beep-), stop peein’ on it

Clean out the big-headed bastards
Take away the jealous bastards
I’m so fresh, I’m so clean
All you dirty bastards, go wash up and sleep
Instead of hotly firing up your hearts
Startled by these sloppy letters
When you need clear proof
Take the USB dangling in your ear

* If you don’t have business with me, don’t even look at me
If you don’t have anything to do here, don’t linger by
I have a lot of business and a lot of things to do, you bastard
Get out the way before I stop being nice (x2)

Get out the way!

** Ride ride ride ride with me
Get your boards and your bikes and ride with me
Get your boots and your kicks and ride with me
Get out the way

Don’t tell me to go and come as you please
You and me, we both have a lot of rumors about us
There’s so much that even words that defend me and words that are true seem like thorns
Don’t force the things you want on me, please
My head keeps constricting, feels like pants that are too tight for me to breathe, why?
Even if you wave me around tightly in your hands, I can’t ever do anything that’s embarrassing
Hearing compliments after making something however I want, make my heart race
I warmed up my tongue for the first in a while so I wanna go write some lyrics
I’ll just use this one track to chat for fun

* Repeat (x2)

** Repeat

Shall I borrow your language?
Let me have some fun to throw a sh-tshow
Hey you dumbass bastards
Is the judge’s seat, the Pope’s seat, your home cushion seat?
I’m also known to be a f-cking lunatic but
You all are really f-ckers
All you assholes, go away, all I have is hate hate hate
F-ck off you f-ckers^

* Repeat (x2)

^This entire stanza is a wordplay with the Korean alphabet and Internet slang. Tablo doesn’t say all those things with those actual words but spells them out like how Korean netizens would use on the Web.


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