Monday, December 28, 2015

Eat (밥을 먹어요)

Jang Jae In

Eat (밥을 먹어요)

A strange sight before my eyes, a warm embrace
When you looked at me
I turned my head and said hello
Good morning, it’s a good morning
How about we go out and grab something light later?

After putting on our coats
We stepped out the door together
The strange scent on my body
I sniff and check
The yesterday that flowed by like water

We’re still awkward
We need time to ourselves
There’s no rush, let’s do it slowly
Let’s just go down and eat first

We’re still awkward
But what can we do, last night is already over
Let’s say goodbye like this or after a week
Let’s grab something light like this

Why are you staring at me?
Are you still not used to me?
You said you feel like you’re dreaming
It makes me smile, you’re cute
When time passes, it’ll get better

I’ll give you a call but let’s eat first
Let’s eat this food that just came out first


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