Monday, December 21, 2015

Deep Love (후애) I Need Romance OST

Kim Jung Hoon

Deep Love (후애) I Need Romance OST

It might still be in my memory-
the place where we first met
I wonder if I could see you there again-
where we passed by each other

You probably think of it sometimes too-
the day when you slowly held my hand
Even now my heart pounds-
we used to be like that

Many days have composed our beautiful love story
The days we laughed and cried- our memories together-
I cannot erase

I try to forget, I try to hold it in
But the memories in my heart call out to you again
Days that were filled with your smiles are no longer mine

I try to hold on, I try to yearn
But I know that might give you pain
I don’t want to speak of love again
and worry if I came too far or if I could find my way back again

The promises that I made saying that I’d be with you till I end my breath
I thought it would be an eternal love
My love that I couldn’t keep

I couldn’t even say I love you or that I’m sorry
And I am changing with my tears
These falling tears have taken you away
Even when I still have so much to say

If I cannot forget you then I need to see you
If I can forget you then please, help me to forget
When fate brings us back together,
Like the first day I met you, I want to love you-
I wait for you


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