Friday, December 4, 2015

Armed Reaction 3

鄭秀文 (Sammi Cheng)

Armed Reaction 3

Is there something to keep a person truthful?
Does a dream have it's own direction?
Is it natural to be this resilient?
Is it good to force a relationship?
The twists and turns of the road confuses me
I turn to look back with each step I take
I have to make a decision with every half second that passes
Who can I ask for advice?
Even if I answered all 990 questions right
There were the remaining 10 questions that made me sweat
Is there a way not to change someone?
Is there a way to make your dreams come true?
Is there a way to capture love?
Is there a way to keep hope alive?
Fate is testing me, asking me how I will handle this
Right now, what is it that I need the most?
Do you know? Does anyone know?
With a blink of an eye, I will determine my fate forever
Look at how I have changed
From this moment on, I will let go of my insecurities


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