Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thank You Thank You

Linus' Blanket

Thank You Thank You

Thank you and you
After I got to know you all, everything seems prettier
Thank you and you
After I got to know you all, everything seems good

First, Black Skirt’s “Holiday Joe”
The reason why “You Look Good” became the song of the year
Is because Hyoo Il, your voice was louder
It’s a song that has special ties with senior Jo Duk Bae

I can’t believe that did so well
Not only in my experience but in my pockets as well
This song helped me gain weight – because of this song
I can’t walk in public however I want anymore

Next is NS Yoonji
On set of the filming, even the food wasn’t really prepared well
But though we’ve met for the first time, you’re eyes and body acting –
Thank you so much

Sanchez, who suffered so much – even getting slapped on the streets of Jangji-dong
If you need anything, just let me know
You, Kigggen hyung and  Hanhae –
I’ll cheer for Phantom to do well

* People – how can I forget that gratitude?
People – they are by my side
I can put on a smile
I don’t know how to repay them all

Ahn Sun Young nuna,
I need to give you a proper gift sometime
But I don’t know what would be a good gift

Any G.NA, let’s be friends
My friends always ask me if I’m friends with you

Sangchu, your rhymes helped my “Go Easy 0.5” album to shine
Why do we always meet when it’s late at night?

When this song gets released,
You will probably already have finished your concert at the big stage at the Tokyo Dome, Geun Suk
I’m a bit nervous, I can’t help it

Next, Rhymer hyung who always trusted and pushed out my decisions
Because of you, I got to have a higher-resolution vision
Before all of your muscles are lost, please meet someone good and get married
Everything else is good as it is right now

* repeat

In places like Kyung Sang, Jun Ra, Choong Chung –
Now I know I have fans there
Even across the seas in foreign countries, even in the north
Someday, I want to step on stage in South America

I remember all the professors in law school, when I was student
Especially Professor Lim, who helped me decide to take a leave of absense
Those who know will know what I mean

And to the fiendish Yoo Hee Yul who was always friendly to me
To Sistar’s Hyorin, who I am thankful for no reason
Beast’s Yong Jun Hyung, EMalyun, Gwi Gwi, Jo Suk

And last but not least,
Mom, Dad, and Jinjoo, I love you all forever
Oh yes and my girlfriend and the Most High
You all know, I can’t live without you


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