Thursday, November 19, 2015

Prelude (연습)


Prelude (연습)

When I first entered college
I met you at the first class of a course I took
At the long-awaited MT
I remember the heart-racing confession

We were so in love
We were so young
Even our awkward love
Was like heaven to me

That person became like practice
She became the scar of my younger days
That short love was so strong
That I keep practicing even after becoming an adult

Late at night, at the soju house under the school gate
It’s the place where we took courage and had our first kiss
I remember your face that was so shy
You couldn’t even hold up your head

The world was filled with just us two
It expanded like a dream
The unforgettable love that was the greatest in my life

She became the model of my love
The portrait of my young love
That short love remained as such great anger and sadness
That I still keep practicing that love

As I went through many encounters and goodbyes
I think I finally know what love is but
I miss you, who was like practice
I still keep practicing that love


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