Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lies You Can See (거짓말도 보여요)


Lies You Can See (거짓말도 보여요)

Even those lies
Those obvious lies

Do you think of me all the time?
Are you only waiting for my phone call?
Are thoughts of me complicating your head all day?

Please don’t test me
Are you testing my heart?
You’re not even my ideal type
I really hate you

Even those kinds of lies, those kinds of obvious lies
Look lovable in my eyes
Did you catch me? Did you steal a glance at me?
Even I think my heart is so foolish
I see everything in your eyes
I see that you want me too

When the sunlight dazzles your eyes, come into my arms
When the wind blows, come into my arms
Because love is delivered by the heart
Because you don’t need to say it to know
You’re like a child so I can see your lies
That’s why you took away all of my heart
Because we’ll have an amazing love anyway
So I’m not worried

Let’s not calculate our love
Because the more we do that, the harder it gets
I want to love however my heart tells me to

Will you tell me that you love me?
That you only have me, that you only want me
I will confess that I only love you

We are in love, this is love
It started from the moment we first saw each other
I didn’t know either because I’m kind of slow
Even I think my heart is so foolish
Our faces show it all
That we are really in love

Let’s not hold back on saying I love you anymore


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