Monday, November 2, 2015

Hot Shot

Brown Eyed Girls

Hot Shot

Hey DJ – I’m asking you
Please play a song, so sweet that it makes me dizzy
A song that’s so hot that it easily burns down my throat
Easily burns down my throat

Why do you want to know my name (hey)
If you hear it, you’ll be shocked anyway
Just for one day, don’t ask me thingsl ike that
Over here, shot- one more on the rocks, one more

Like it hotter, like it cooler
Put some more ice in the music
The rhythm is burning up (the mood is going up)

* More and more-
Explaining it more
You and I-
Will make it more tiresome

** Without whiskey or rum,
Where else can you find this kind of girl?

*** One and more, more- play the song
The morning is coming so close the blinds and the shutters

Chiki chiki chiki lata boom boom bi ah boom boom bi
Chiki chiki chiki late boom boom bi – Look at me

Hey, can I get some Brandy please?
Something that’s better than coffee or chocolate
I want to keep this music to go in my ears
So my entire body will tremble, entire body will tremble

Why do you want to call more people
It’s already enough with me alone
Put back all the complicated talks
Over here, shot- one more on the rocks, one more

Like it hotter, like it cooler
That cold face, I burn it up
Following where your hand goes, my mood goes up too

* repeat

** repeat

*** repeat

Let’s hurry and enjoy this before morning comes
Before you ask if I have a boyfriend, don’t think about that and just feel this
Even if you don’t buy me whiskey or rum
I can play elegantly because that’s me, that’s who I am
Now come babe- honey honey honey, wrap your hands around my waist
Honey- impress me to the point of awe
Like in the 69 movie, if you don’t enjoy life, you are guilty

I’m so bad tonight- what to do, holy moly
What do I do about myself, holy moly
Don’t think about anything else
I’m not in the mood for that today, no- a different feeling

You’re so hot tonight (come in come in)
My heart ah la la ah la la la
But don’t be so trusting
I might not remember- that might happen

More and more-
Don’t stop the music
You and I
The line between us two

Without any whiskey or rum
At this rate, something might happen today

One and more, more- play the song
I don’t know if I’ll ever return to being like this or not

Hey, keep the change


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