Thursday, November 19, 2015

Geto Christmas

MC Sniper

Geto Christmas

* The cold snow falls on this sad Christmas
Will it fall and cover and erase everything in my heart too?
People are walking on the bright streets
My lonely footsteps are getting tired but will I be able to smile? Lonely Christmas

In this small, single room with the blinking light bulb, Christmas has come
The churches gave out heating coals and sweet red bean pastries
Poverty bites back at poverty, a repetition of being lost
I can’t even turn on my electric blanket in this cold winter
I guess I’m trapped here because I’m poor in this bar-less prison
Why is Santa busy every year on Christmas?
I don’t care who becomes president, they will never care about my family’s hunger
My future found its answer in life through the debts that increase like the white snow
Though I try to avoid the rain by using an umbrella, the rain always seeps into my heart
Is being poor a sin? Is dreaming and believing an extravagance?
I’m scared of the world’s eyes that view us as sinners
I cover myself with my blanket on Christmas eve
A warm family Christmas is just someone else’s story

* Repeat

During my ten years in Seoul, I couldn’t even make it into a studio apartment
The heat stopped worker and so I’m spending Christmas on my electric blanket
The kids got hurt from working and the head of the family lacks fingers
Yesterday or the day before, the kids’ spoons wait for their father
The youngest son starts to cry because he misses his mother who left
The oldest son is always in pain because he can’t forgive his mother
In this heartaching winter, daddy will become Santa
For a warm Christmas in our family
I will live for you guys, I can do it, I can fly
Even when my uncomfortable, small hand, I can hold you and run
I look at the pictures of my children in my phone as I work
I live as I look at you two, who make me laugh
I fight and overcome life’s pain by looking at you two
I feel the meaning of life by raising you two
This is daddy’s Christmas song even though I’ve never been to church
Before this winter passes, I will muster up courage and sing for you

* Repeat

It’s a white and sad Geto Christmas inside of me
Geto Christmas Geto Geto Christmas (x4)


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