Monday, October 12, 2015

One Day (소나기)


One Day (소나기)

No matter how long it has been, I know
I emptied out a part of my heart
Though my heart hurts, though it still hurts
I can’t forget you and I look for you again

* Long ago, the young girl whose small eyes were so cute
The young boy who used to make fun of her
The two kids whose heart hurt for the first time because of transferring schools
The girl whose small eyes shone brighter today
The girl whose eyelashes were especially pretty
You, who was prettier than anyone else to me, where are you?

It’s a memory that’s like a fairy tale to me, like a faded movie
Like a line of rain in my exhausted routine
Like the light called you, passing through my memories
I didn’t know what love was back then but I just liked you, though I didn’t know why
Will I be able to turn back time? No, will I be able to see you again?

How can I have not changed like this?
When the rain, that is filled with you, falls
My heart pounds, it pounds again
I remember you and look for you again

* Repeat

I always wanted to show you my manly side
I wrote to you every day and at the thought of you being happy to see me,
Countless nights were spent alone and awake
As I touch the letters in my pocket that I was going to give you
As I draw you, who disappeared, as I shout of to you, who might come back

Long ago, the girl whose round cheeks were red with shyness
The girl whose eyes squinted whenever she laughed
The two kids who have stopped in time in the photo to cherish that moment

In the rain, I miss you more than ever today
I suddenly think of you and smile
You, who was more special than anyone else, where are you?



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