Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Officially Missing You (Hello Venus Our Story)

Hello Venus

Officially Missing You (Hello Venus Our Story)

Uh yeah, a year has already passed, it’s becoming three years since we’ve been together
Time goes so fast – times when we used to complain as we walked up the hill to our dorms
I long for those times, for those warm feelings, forever
At the deep place in our hearts, it remains as a memory
I hope I will remember forever, how about you Yooyoung?

Unni, do you remember?
When we first saw each other, when we didn’t know anything
Just like a game of ice tag, our first impressions were completely frozen
But now, we’re not just members but something more
Strangely, our signs keep resembling each other like
The warm sunshine, you too, Yoonjo unni?

Woo can’t nobody do it like you
We’re always together, we went from friends to family
Let’s promise to never change

Time has already passed this much, friend, how are you doing?
Sometimes, I wind back time and go back to the old past when we were together
When the springs are all wound back, a melody that can’t be heard again flows
I still long for you, I miss you

You, me and us, let’s preciously cherish this time
This time won’t come back, this sweet time that is made with our melody
Even if what is seen with the eye is not everything, we are in front of each other, which is everything

I long for you like a habit, I hope I can turn back time
Although it might be forgotten from other people’s memories little by little

There’s only one of you to me, I’ll always call you a friend
And only you are the one who is by my side
Now you and I resemble each other so much, only one for me
Do you know how precious I think of you?

There’s only one of you to me, I’ll always call you a friend
And only you are the one who is by my side
(2 heart) I love you so much, I’m so thankful
I’m officially missing you (officially missing you)

Can’t nobody do it like you
Said every little thing you do
Hey baby say it stays on my mind
And I I’m officially missing you

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