Saturday, October 17, 2015

AIR (난리 Good)

Simon D (Supreme Team)

AIR (난리 Good)

I wake up late in the morning and quickly wash my face
After eating a meal, I drink a cup of espresso
After I wake up, the puzzle of words starts
Till I reach my destination, it’s hurdle after hurdle of lyrics
After I complete a verse, I take a sip of water
A volcanic passion, my piled up know-hows, the new game on top of the notes
Even during a normal day, when I suddenly get an idea, I pick up my pen
I stay up all night with the heart of an artisan, composing the strong ties of sentences

In the time that diligently passes
I mastered the tension and laxity of this game for years
The starting point of my footprints are now faint but
As if the hardened skin on the bottom of my feet are evidence, when I walk on stage, my feet never fall asleep
The strong beats of the 4/4 time signature
I strongly stay up all night and fight with the rhythm
Since being classy lasts forever, though the trends change, they always search for me in the end
I’m not an oldie, I always welcome working with rookies
I don’t get seasick even when the waves are rough
The new waters look like a river to me

* Music is natural to me like air
I fly around like a wizard and drink the fresh air
Appearance is momentary, class is forever
Choiza and Gaeko and Simon D, when we get together, it get’s crazy

** Crazy good, crazy good good
Crazy good, crazy good good
Crazy good, crazy good good
Crazy good, we’re good enough

“Hey senior, you’re still the same, thanks
I’m still doing my own stuff so don’t worry man”
“Hey, hey, stop acting like you’re a senior, it’s pathetic damn
Just act however you want, I don’t care at all”

Respect or disrespect, everyone wants respect
Rather than “has he been in the business long,” “was he successful this year” is more important – this is one hunnit
Your glory days of the past is not even 1 gram of cool, right honey?
Just be honest and say you can’t keep up now, stop wasting your life

Okay, old school, though I didn’t even graduate and came here
I ran from this class to that class and played around a little
I spent time with those historic people and dreamed of these things
But some people only chase pointless dreams and sleep and do stupid things (nope)

I went in the jacuzzi of change and slowly changed my thoughts
In order to find a new flow, I destroyed what I was building
I tried that but trends go round and round and come back
I realized the reason to keep going till the end
Just do it first baby

* Repeat

** Repeat

When we make music, our accidents are flexible like octopus
Our fresh rhymes and beats are bait to fish for the people’s ears
Diligence is our fishing rod, experience is our fishing boat
This one thing we know for sure, if you’re with us, there are no misses when fishing

Sometimes, we take the long way but
Don’t think we’re stupid fools
We protect what needs to be protected and slowly go up each step
We run well so just watch over us
When a new song comes out, just put on your headphones
We chase after quality – like the secret service workers, we quickly stack up tracks

I kept running since the year of 2000
Because of problems that don’t involve music, I changed my team name several times
From debts to military service, there were several times when I was tied down
I typed up my resume several times but I never wrote a resignation letter
Now I can proudly look at the nest we created
After I prepared myself, my juniors started to come out
We supported each other in this place and wrote a new history
We may go slow but we never stop, we are always holding a mic

* Repeat

** Repeat


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