Thursday, September 3, 2015

Your Wedding (이별만찬)

The SeeYa

Your Wedding (이별만찬)

I quietly came to your wedding
To see you for the last time
Your bride was so beautiful
She’s different from me, Congratulations
You should be happy

Since 2011, the moment you first saw me
You said that you’d protect me forever
But from then, was I your playground toy
Were all your promises lies?
I hate that I love you

*Sing me a sad love song
Please get me off of you
Sing me a break-up song
So I can get over someone like you

I took off the ring that you gave me
Cause it could make me keep thinking about you
You probably threw away our matching couple ring
I’m sure since you left me
Our love is over

We burnt it all like flames
I let our love flow like a flowing river
Until the tearms that stream down my eyes have disappeared
I will keep singing the sad song
I hate that I love you


My heart hurts, I have lots of tears
I still have lingering feelings
I sing a crazy loves ong
My scar is as deep as how much I loved you
It hurts as if I’m going to die
I don’t think I can do another love


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