Friday, September 11, 2015

I Want You (원해)

Taewan (C-Luv)

I Want You (원해)

Hey, I like you
Even if I try to make it complicated
I like you, ask me anything you want
The only answer that won’t change is that I like you
This feels awkward
I feel embarrassed but my heart rushes at the same time
This isn’t just a confession that I’m saying without thought
Let’s live together, why? Because it’s you
I used to be a mess but you gave me peace like Ban Ki Mun
Everything about you, your chic walk
Rather than high heels and designer bags, you have a casual style
Your scent is the smell of baby lotion
You’re not an illusion girl but you’re reality
Now just stand right there
We are getting closer than we were yesterday
Now give me some answer
Yes or no
Whatever you say, I’m OK, I’m ready

Oooh, Shawty you’re so fine
Your sexy style, my heart is shaking
I’ll captivated by you
I’m so trapped
I I I got my eyes on you
You’re so fine
You’re so fine
You’re so fine
You’re so fine
You’re so fine
You’re so fine

I’m serious, this isn’t a joke
It’s not just a passing by wish
This isn’t a careless act, don’t be nervous
From now on, it’ll be a beautiful night
I’ll slowly and carefully hold your hand
My inexperienced words are showing you my heart
Now put away your doubts
The moment I saw you, I saw your beauty
Though we didn’t exchange many words
I liked everything that I could feel from the inside
So I focused even more
You know this feeling of being sucked into something
The corners of your lips turning upward when you look at me
I know you’re thinking the same thing right now
Now hold my hand even tighter, there are many things we need to do from now on
You know this

Kick off ya shoes and relax ya feet
You’re with me so you can relax
(You can relax, only you are special, my heart goes to you)
Ooh, Let me break it down for a minute
You know, you can see my heart
My night is yours tonight
Shawty, You’re so fine OOH.


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