Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday

Listen babe, I’ll dedicate this song for you.

You look so happy as you are next to me
I waited for today, your birthday

* Your smile as you look at me is so dazzling
I want to pick the stars for you

** Happy birthday to you
My beautiful love
Baby, only for you
I’m happy because you’re here
Happy birthday to you
Just like today, forever
Baby, only for you
We will be together

From when my eyes open till when my eyes close
All day, I think about you
Nights without you are lonely
You’re like the sunlight that shines through the window
You wake me up and make me laugh, you’re special, you’re different

You’re more precious to me than anything else
Will you accept my heart that I prepared for you?

* Repeat

** Repeat

Up and down, sometimes we fight
I worry all night on what to do when you’re mad
Do you know that I feel anxious when I worry that you might hate me?
I only have you, only you can make me smile

I can see that you’re different even out of the many people
Your twinkling eyes, lips – my heart is at rest when you’re next to me

You’re beautiful – I thank the gods who sent you down
Please stay like this always in me, I will kiss you baby
Happy birthday

** Repeat



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