Thursday, September 3, 2015

Even Lost A Friend (친구마저 잃었다)

F.T. Island

Even Lost A Friend (친구마저 잃었다)

Following the footsteps that wished for the sunset
I follow you to your home and walk up and down in front of your house
At that point, I saw you coming from far away
As If I committed a sin, I hid as I watched you

How did we come to love and how did we come to break up
How did we become no better than strangers that we can’t ever see each other again?

* I’m sorry for loving you back then
I’m sorry for not protecting our love till the end
If only I protected you by your side as a friend
Then I would’ve seen you forever but I even lost a friend

If I call out, it feels like you’ll come running to me as always
So I almost called out your name
Why did you get so thin – it feels like my fault
It feels like my heart is about to burst

If I saw you together with someone new
My heart would’ve been cold but it would’ve been easier to turn back

* repeat

Thank you for loving me even for a moment
I was happy when I was your man
Because a chance to tell you this did not come again
Even when we were breaking up, like a fool, I didn’t know what breaking up meant

You’re here but you’re not here


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