Monday, September 14, 2015




Delight – did you have a cozy dream? Were you so happy?
Just delight, broken night
I didn’t even know you were suffering day by day
That you couldn’t escape the times when you liked only me

* Though it hurts, though it hurts so much
Please erase me, who only believed in your heart
Though it’s late, though I’m late
I’ll give you back and go find myself

Delight – I still hope that you will catch the dreams that are in the night sky
Just delight, broken night
The love that I developed by myself day by day
I can’t escape the times that only I should be in pain

* Repeat

I’ll put it back, I’ll stop my tears
I’ll turn away from looking at only you
Though I’ll forget, though I’ll forget it all
I’ll let you go and leave the memories


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