Saturday, September 19, 2015




When I’m holding my breath alone at that side of the sun
A voice always came into my ear
When the starlight gathers as if flowers bloom on the night sky
Those words, that heart, became strength to me

The old-time scars that have scattered and crumbled
Fly them off far far far far up to the sky
I invite you back into this space
So you can breath with me anew

* Just keep Breathin’, Just keep Breathin’
Our breath goes into our memories that touch each other
Now I see it, Now I feel it – enter the doors of time together
We’re back, shoot, shoot, shooting, shoot, Shooting Star
We’re back, shoot, shoot, shooting star (now enough)
We’re back, shoot, shoot, shooting star (now enough)

Inhale exhale – breath and keep feeling it
Up in the air now no stopping, there’s no end
So don’t ever forget never that I’m always by your side (uh)
Remember open your eyes open your mind yea

You always greeted me with a smile
Those eyes, that face, everything is so clear
The corner of that road, we used to be at that spot
That breath, that scent, it’s still clear to me

The painful memories that became sharp fragments
Ride them off far far far far far in the wind
In front of your trust that helped me rise up
I won’t ever become miserable again

* repeat

All day all night, it always floats up, the memories
In time I’m alive again let it all begin
You pick me up when I’m down
Your bright smile is so beautiful
Those days, those words that gave me strength, those times

Rap )
Yeah I turn the handle at the visit of a challenge
There’s no need to look with blindfolded eyes
Turn on the lights, pull hard on the closed door
Man don’t be a fool man, if you already give up, it’s your loss
That one line of light, with the flapping of my wings,
Everything becomes clear in this space
Clear as a picture – I won’t let go of our touching hands
It’s on – the light doesn’t turn off but spreads out far

Come back inside this space
Awaken once more from that loneliness
So that I, who was once frozen, can breathe again
So that you, from that time, can breathe again (breathe)

* repeat


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