Friday, September 18, 2015

Always Being Strangers (언제나 타인)

Toy (Yoo Hee Yeol)

Always Being Strangers (언제나 타인)

Let’s stop now, this is good right here
We can’t start and we can’t even end
Things can’t go my way, even though I keep shaking my head
I can’t turn away, I can’t even blame anyone

Your scent that is not mine
Your warmth that I can’t have
I just try to smile tonight

Your smile, your scent, your clothes, your body movement
I can’t help it, my heart, my heart
Dust built up on time, white-hot burning nights
Though I can’t touch it, I can keep it

Don’t be good to me anymore, don’t make me dream
You know me better than anyone else
You will always know everything
With the cruel words of love, will you hold onto me, not letting me go?

Hurry and go, I’m alright, I was happy today
Don’t smile, because I might cry if you stay too long
Tell me you love me, those words are everything to me
There’s nothing more I can do

I really love you


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