Monday, September 28, 2015

A Thorn-like Love (가시같은 사랑)

Monday Kiz

A Thorn-like Love (가시같은 사랑)

Please stop now, enough
I hope that this missing stops
You’re always next to me even if you’re not
I can’t have you even if I love you, loove you
I can’t let you go even if we’re not together
I miss you, miss you, like crazy and depply
I hold my tears while no one knows

*Love, that is like a thorn
Love, that I cannot forget
I will live with you in my heart forever
Cause whenever you make my heart ache, and make me hurt
I will be able to feel that we’re together

The more I forget and empty, your memories fill me up
Whether my eyes are opened or closed, you’re always in front of me
Even for a second, a moment, without you
I feel like I’m going to die even if I’m breathing
It hurts, it hurts, as if I got a cut in my heart
And a tear drops on the scar


Even if we’re far apart, even if we can’t see again
Please don’t forget this
How much I want you
How much I love you
The words, I love you, the words, I’ll wait for you
I fly those words with my tears
To where you are, into your heart
So it will flow flow, and you’ll be able to know my heart
So it will flow flow, and you’ll be able to know my heart


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