Monday, August 17, 2015




* Our sad story where we used to be so in love
Although now it became tears
Although love has ended since you left me
It’s an unfinished story for me

I hope you weren’t talking about that
The shape of your lips spoke of separation
Now I don’t think tears or rain can wash this away

** When I think of you, I shed tears again today
When I think of you, my heart still trembles
Don’t forget that my love is still and always will be you
I will keep your spot empty

* Repeat

How many days did I cry after you left?
Will the stars know where you are?
You were beautiful to me, even your last image
I loved only you, for the first time in my life

Because I miss you so much, my heart cries
A cold wind blows in my empty heart
Even when you’re not here, my time passes
My love story doesn’t end here

** Repeat

* Repeat

We were really in love, we were crazily happy
The words of the end were spoken
Our love story is only up till here
It shouldn’t end this way

* Repeat

An unfinished story


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