Thursday, August 13, 2015

Charm (애교) I Need Romance OST

Kim Jung Hoon

Charm (애교) I Need Romance OST

A cup of vanilla coffee full of foam
And a reflection of my ideal man on it
I have a lot to say during our dates
But I wanna hide you for now

*I think of you, I can hear my heartbeat
Our story that is different and special from other couples’ stories

**I like you, who is like a sweet wine
I want a romantic love, like red lips
I’m happy like a pure child

Charm charm charm (X4)

A smooth face without any make-up
You keep smiling cause I guess you’re shy
You’re so lovely even when you’re mad, so cute



Charm charm charm (X2)

Like this, like today, I’m always thankful
Let’s never let go of our holding hands, always be caring

I like you, who is like a sour lemon
The sunlight has come to me too
Like a red joke, pure magic
Everything feels like a dream


Charm charm charm (X4)


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