Friday, August 28, 2015

Catch Me


Catch Me

Catch Me, Girl!
Catch Me Now! (Catch Me. If you wanna)

You’ve never opened your heart to me, not even once
I feel like I’m looking at a wall, you know that?
You’re next to me but I’m even lonelier tonight tonight tonight
I waited for you but this just isn’t it so now I’m leaving you

* This fool can’t even tell me not to go
Why did I only look at this fool, at pitiful you?

** Baby Catch Me. Catch Me. Catch Me, Girl, Tonight.
Before I leave (I’m serious, I’m serious)
If only you held onto me, stopped me, cried, hit me and told me the reason
(I’m serious I’m serious)

Oh, I don’t know if I’ve been deep inside your heart or not
That’s what I’m curious about – Before I get too tired, tell me, tell me, answer me

Time will tie you to that spot right there
Don’t let me go, you’ll regret it – stop being so foolish

* Repeat

For a while, I felt like I was filled with you, I remember those happy memories
Don’t forget that there isn’t anyone to wait for you like I have – no!

I want you to beg for me so I’ll wait for you
Tell me, “Don’t ever leave me”
You’re too slow but I’m only looking at you till you make up your mind – why?
I want you to beg for me so I’ll wait for you
Tell me, “Don’t ever leave me”
Fool, why did I love you? I only have you – why?

* Repeat

** Repeat

(Catch Me. If you wanna)


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