Friday, July 10, 2015


SNSD Girls' Generation


In just a second, you change my mood
You control me and you must be having fun
Why do you keep shaking up my heart?
You move me and you must think it’s funny

The light goes on and my head is turned on
I feel my heart detaching from you
You can’t hide your childish heart anymore
The game with you has started

You and I – our relationship isn’t as easy as ABC, it’s more like XYZ
The distance between us was like ABC but it’s getting farther away like XYZ

* ABC & XYZ – it’s the distance between the start and end
ABC & XYZ disappear, disappear
ABC & XYZ – you’ll start saying sweet things again
ABC & XYZ give it up, give up

Using the same methods will not work
Get away – we grow farther apart, it’s all the same
The sirens are ringing, a warning for me
Getting more impatient, we figured it all out now

I need to run away after falling into your lies, your traps – now the game is over
Your foolish words are pointless now – I see it all now – your game is over now

You and I – our relationship starts from ABC and goes to XYZ
Our distance starts from ABC and grows apart to XYZ

* Repeat

You can never understand, you’re XYZ
And I hate you for that, I’m ABC
You close the door to your heart, you’re XYZ
I give you the key to my heart, I’m ABC
Give it up, Give it up
Where did we go wrong? I’m ABC, you’re XYZ

* Repeat


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