Friday, July 10, 2015




Yeah return to battle field
Pay attention everybody

Hey, my fellaz, take a look around
Everyday strugglin’, ready to rumble

Ay, ladies & gentleman
Follow the leader, B.A.P!

Hit it yo bring it on
There’s no need to give up just because you’ve lost your path
All of the same little scars grovel before me – get down
I shout out from the top of my life
Round the clock – wake up, I’ll get up again
I can chew up the negative comments, like King Kong from Yijak-do^
Come and fight me, I’m still strong

Inside your eyes that are looking at me
Please erase those useless worries
I won’t fall down, I won’t show any empty blanks

* Err! Err! Errbody punch!
(Get’em up, get’em up, get’em up high)
Err! Err! Errbody punch!
(Hit’em up, hit’em up, hit’em up)
Err! Err! Errbody burn!
(Burn it up, burn it up, burn it up ho!)
Spread your wings! Shout out loud! Make it loud!

Now I will find my lost self

Don’t need a mayday, don’t look back
(Stop acting like a fool)
Don’t ever show your weakness
(Don’t ever kneel down again)

Will you be my strength, will you watch over me?
Believe in my till the very end
I will be better, I will stand up as if to show everyone

* Repeat

Now I will find my lost self

Everyone is endlessly looking at the burning marathon
Ignoring the approaching steep stairs
That is the difference between you and me
I keep running without time to rest
Now acknowledge that my title is on a different level
The difference between a keyboard and a mic is big
Don’t age backwards – no one has the right to admonish us
Feel this big gap? The lyrics we spread out to the world is always a surprise to you

Ay, hold up, hold up
One more time, make some noise!

* Repeat

^ Bang Yong Gook is originally from an island called Yijak-do


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