Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lie To Me (나에게 거짓말을 해봐)


Lie To Me (나에게 거짓말을 해봐)

* You won’t know how I am
You don’t need to know my secrets
You just look at me like a fool
Because you’re such a nice girl

I met her coincidentally and without a thinking, I just said (you’re so pretty)
She bowed her head and with her head bowed, she couldn’t say anything like a fool
Our 100th day was a given and even on her birthday, I skipped over it by saying I was sick
I lied to her like that often
But she believed in me each time and even accepted my proposal
I just didn’t want to be an old bachelor
Our second child was born but on that day, I lost money by gambling
I got away with it by saying that I was robbed
When I turned 40, I cheated on her with a girl 10 years younger
Then I started to be in debt but just as always
She works as a housekeeper

* Repeat

I liked him one-sidedly and we met coincidentally
He looked at me and said I was pretty (you’re so pretty)
When it was our 100th day, he said he was sick and I was really worried
He proposed to me and I silently accepted (will you marry me?)
I’m happy that I can live my life with him
I will live with him forever

On the day I became the mother of two children
He lost his money by gambling and was in debt
He lied and said he was robbed
But I asked how he was first

When I turned 40, he cheated on me
With his debt, I worked as a housekeeper
Managing to carry on a living
I wanted to cry but I couldn’t cry

* Repeat

She doesn’t know, she doesn’t know anything
She will live all her life without knowing
But please know that in my heart, it’s only you

* Repeat

I am withering away with cancer
He is crying as he sees the cold me
Now I need to go
But I am happy
Because he tells me he loves me
Because I can forgive him for his lies
Because I can smile at that one word

The time I have left
I will spend with you, whom I love
Because your child
Is watching over me


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