Sunday, July 5, 2015

Just Looking (쳐다만 봐)

Nine Muses

Just Looking (쳐다만 봐)

Because you are so different from me
Because what we want is so different, maybe that’s why we fought so much
But because I liked you so much
Because I only liked you suffocatingly, maybe that’s why I made things harder for you

* I want you like crazy, I missed you like crazy
I am falling for you like crazy
I want you like crazy, I hope for you like crazy
I wished that you would want me like crazy too

** Don’t say Bye-bye
Only my immature heart, only my selfish heart looks at you
Don’t say bye-bye
Only my forward heart, only my impatient heart gives me deep scars

When you were sick, I made an excuse and said I would cheer you up
Because I wanted to be with you – maybe that’s why I pretended to be so nice
Whenever you tried to start something or prepare something
I always pretended to care for you and tried to be with you

* Repeat

** Repeat

You may say that I am immature, you may say that I only know myself but
I want to say that this is love too, I want to say that I had no choice but to be like this
My time still flows, it’s too early for my love to stop
Is my heart for you that bad? I am punishing you like this

Don’t say bye-bye
Only your tired heart, only your faraway heart, only your different heart from mine, bye-bye
Don’t say bye-bye
Only your closed heart, only your awkward heart, only your avoiding heart, bye-bye

** Repeat


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