Friday, June 26, 2015

You (그대여)

Monday Kiz

You (그대여)

Even after coming home late at night, tired and exhausted
A person who says you missed me, runs to me and hugs me
A person who worries about me and can’t sleep even when you’re sick
A person who stays by my side

Sometimes, when I’m feeling sad and want to be comforted
A person who doesn’t say anything and just hugs me
A person who always smiled even when I couldn’t warmly greet her
A person who cried with me whenever tears came

You, my love, you, you my love whom I’m thankful for
Even though my life was uneasy, even though I lacked
A person who leaned on me

My dear, I’ll say this under the sky, I’ll protect you for all your life
As much as you waited a long time for me, as much as you cherished me
I will live for you

Sometimes, I get drunk and cry alone as I look at your face
I’m sorry, I’m sorry for not doing very much for you
My loving person

You, my love, you, you, you’re the reason I’m happy
A love that only gives, a person who was a light to me
My precious love

My dear, I’ll say this under the sky, I love you to death
As much as you shed tears, as much as we love each other
I will go to you

My love


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