Sunday, June 21, 2015

Park Jae Bum - Eyes

Oh My Ghost OST

Park Jae Bum - Eyes


이젠 멀어져 추억조차 하기 힘든 날
난 왜 아픈지 설명할 수도 없네

곁에 머물던 익숙한
수 많은 인연들
내 것이 아닌 듯해 점점 더 작아져만 가

Close my eyes 꿈보다 흐릿한 그리움
No… Never let me go
돌아서는 걸음이 무거워

밤새 내리던 달빛이 눈가에 맺히고
아껴둔 옛날 노래 나직이 흥얼거리네

Close your eyes, You can smile
remind our memories
내게 맞추던 발걸음은 그대로 걸어가


ijen meoreojyeo chueokjocha hagi himdeun nal
nan wae apeunji seolmyeonghal sudo eopsne

gyeote meomuldeon iksukhan
su manheun inyeondeul
nae geosi anin deushae jeomjeom deo jagajyeoman ga

Close my eyes kkumboda heurishan geurium
No… Never let me go
doraseoneun georeumi mugeowo

bamsae naerideon dalbicci nungae maejhigo
akkyeodun yesnal norae najigi heungeolgeorine

Close your eyes, You can smile
remind our memoriet
naege majchudeon balgeoreumeun geudaero georeoga

English translation

Memories that are so long ago that it’s hard to remember
I can’t explain why it hurts so much

All the people that I’ve grown used to, who were by my side
They get smaller and smaller, as if it’s not mine

Close my eyes
The longing gets vaguer than a dream
No, never let me go
Turning around, my footsteps get heavy

The moonlight that fell all night wells up in my eyes
I quietly hum the old song that I’ve kept dear to my heart

Close your eyes, you can smile
Remind our memories
The footsteps that matched mine stay the same


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