Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mass Destruction -Lotus Juice Remix-

目黒将司 (Shoji Meguro)

Mass Destruction -Lotus Juice Remix-

I don't care anymore, enough of fake smiles
Buckwild I go, tried it on but it didn't fit me so
Found a better pair of shoes to walk
Even in defeat, I hold my pride never gonna talk
Better yet
My mouth is tight like James Bond
You thought you saw me, but next second I'm gone
I don't want no throne
I'm a freelancer, do for benjamins, but I'm not a gangster
Show me what you got
If you got it all 'cuz I fight not only verbally
Volatile man I am, gotta game that I play
I thought you might like the way
I destruct every where I lay my hands
I'm sick to the bone
From the top of the dome to the tip of my toe
I call the shots, the frontman calls the drop
Going no where if you wanna take my spot
See me running running running far away
Shadow's expressions opaque
So time to eat them cook like steak filet
Oh babe I've got a whole crew with me
Who can relate
To this mass destruction just go craze
This ain't no default fresh no decay
Making my own rules no delay paving my own way
this ain't no children's play
Living this moment, don't need a replay
Burning my dread many days I was dead wrong
Too many shadows kept on pushing I
Was drawn into the potholes they try to brain-wash me
Down to the bottom of drains, but ain't nobody can chain my brain
Do or die? I done did it done did it
No limit till death comes to visit
So wicked this life but I live it
If I must mass destruct, I can in a minute
Fear's awake / anger beats loud
Face reality / never be charity
The enemy you're fighting / covers whole society / Damn right
Mommy's not here / gotta fight / all night
Right here Shadow / 10 o'clock direction
Seize the moment / they destroy the nation
Your rhyme is slow-motion / give me motivation
Freaked out now / and Dead on arrival
Round up around / Spit out all over
Rhyme like a rolling stone / coming a crowd
Watch out / they move / they dis you loud
Guess what this sound / It bombs whole ground
So round up
Don't ease your pace / coz enemy is brutal
Moment of truth / there ain't no truce yo
And you're the only one / one world / one love
But the battle goes on / Shadows of
Mass Destruction


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