Friday, June 19, 2015

First Love (처음 사랑) The King 2Hearts OST

Lee Yoon Ji

First Love (처음 사랑) The King 2Hearts OST

At first, we were like friends, like special lovers
The moment I placed your heart in my heart
My childish first love believed that
My fluttering heart will become destiny

I was happy just by breathing
It was a sunlight-like love
I thought that we would be forever
But it remains as memories

* Now the pained heart, the sad tears can lean on my cheek
It’s alright if the scars in my memories remain all over my body

** My heart chose you first, my first love is enough
I’ll protect it forever, my first love

Your electrifying and magical kiss
That was how the fluttering started in my heart
As if the love that was hot as fireworks are whispering
My first love dreamed of the future

Your smile makes me smile
It was a starlight-like love
It was just all good, it was like that back then
Beautiful times

* Repeat

** Repeat

I love you, my happy first love


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