Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yes, We Are Together (그래, 우리 함께)

Jung Joon Ha

Yes, We Are Together (그래, 우리 함께)

Yoo Jae Suk)
Words I wanted to say to you, thank you, I’m sorry
For being with me, for being able to do it, for being able to laugh

Jung Joon Ha)
Thank you so much for not letting go of my hand
I’ll be strong, if we’re together, I’m not afraid

Noh Hong Chul)
I guess they think I’m easy since I’m always laughing
But I will still laugh because I like seeing you laugh because of me

Park Myung Soo)
I keep wanting to escape
Will I be able to stand on that flashy stage? I don’t think I can…

Don’t doubt the path that you’ve walked on so far
Sometimes going on the wrong path makes a new map

Jung Hyung Don)
Although the path you’re walking alone may seem hard
Walk slowly, you can arrive slowly

When your friend’s offer to have a drink together
Sounds meaningless and sad, come find me

Yes, it’s alright, you did well
You endured through the hard days and survived
Don’t lose the dreams you kept
This isn’t it, smiling days will come for sure
It’s alright, you did well
Being lost today will become a past memory
When the cool wind blows, let’s share good stories
Let’s walk through the times together
I like you because it’s you
Yes, we are together


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