Friday, May 15, 2015

Tonight (오늘밤)

Gang Kiz

Tonight (오늘밤)

After you left, my heart was bruised and I just cried
I’m lonely over the separation you gave me, uh uh
I’m scared, uh uh, I’m really going crazy

* Tonight, I miss you so much, it’s a sleepless night
Again today, it’s a night where I’m miserable and want to get drunk
I pity myself for being so alone, tonight I want to forget you
Will you come back to me?

** You are leaving, leaving this sad me behind
You give me scars in my heart and coldly leave me
Love is leaving, I don’t know what to do but it’s leaving me

I couldn’t bear to hold onto you
Tears blocked my vision so I couldn’t even speak
I just watched you getting farther away uh uh
I cried, uh uh, what should I do?

* Repeat

** Repeat

Tonight is the night you left, making me cry alone
The night when I asked as I cried, “did you even love me?”
But you coldly leave me and go
Trampling on my hot and passionate love and true heart
Remember back in the days

Tonight, you are leaveing (oh leaving)
You tear apart my pained heart and leave (tear apart my pained heart)
I’m already hurting like I’m dying (hurts so much)
I’m so sad like this (I’m really sad)
What do I do? You are leaving, love is leaving

credit: pop!gasa


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