Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rain Down (비를 내려줘요)


Rain Down (비를 내려줘요)

Please rain on me – better if it’s a shower
So that my tears won’t be noticed by him
From my head to my toes, if it drenches my whole body to no end
No one will know if I’m crying or not

Rain on me, please – hide me in the rain
Save me so that no one will see my tear-stained face
Back to when we were one, to when I smiled in front of him
Please take me there – please turn us around
I hate you for leaving me

I stop my foolish steps that lost its way
I let out a sigh, and another sigh – till when must I be like this?
Tell me the way, please – where do I go?

What can I do to forget you? I try to bring up bad memories but
I only think of the good times and my heart is becoming more and more broken
Just like the lyrics of a certain song, I try to forget you as just a person
But though I try, it’s not as easy as it sounds
Forgive me for making you leave like that
I’m sorry for ruining our love, I’m sorry


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