Friday, May 15, 2015

New Breed (Intro)

Jay Park (Park Jae Beom)

New Breed (Intro)

This song is rated R for explicitness 
Waddup everybody I’m Park to the Jay or maybe Jay to the Park
Switching up my name, I’m a “kanji” guy ^
Anyone will know things about me
Look me up, whatever I do, I explode like I got a bomb
If you walk, then I fly – my girlfriend looks at me
The person who can follow up to me is hmm
Just like my black car, I ride this beat
Just like I had a few drinks, my footsteps are crooked haha

I recharged for two years and my attitude is even more delinquent
I’m filled with confidence, my skills are the size of the earth
I appeared suddenly and saved the world of k-pop
The entertainment companies are nervous cuz there isn’t anyone like me
But don’t worry, I’m just one man
I just want to do what I love, music
Rather than money, I want to gain respect
I am going my own way

Probably don’t know me at all
I’ll make that good music leave the other shit up to y’all
Everything is turned upside down, here we go feel the flow
I go crazy and I have a crazy mind
Just like a really long necked giraffe
All of you look like small ants
Yeah from Seoul to Seattle
I finish my concert and have a b-boy battle the next day
I take the mic and spit out my rap
Mu’fuckah I’m hip hop just for the record and I got respect for
People that put that real shit in their music
And they go and use it to share with the world they influence
I speak the language of truth and yes I am so fluent
And I am sick with rhymes like I always got a flu bitch

What I can’t follow are rules
The direction I can’t go is backwards
I can’t ever be shattered, I’m not glass
I’m always sleeping – you can’t understand what I’m saying?
I said I’m a bit different, the way I think
More guts than a gangster, a simpleton guy
I’m a short and ugly prince with a six-pack

Mu’fuckah I’m a king I don’t need to bling around
The place where I think what you see is what you get
If you don’t like it than you can get your bitch ass outta here

^ “kanji” (in Korean slang) means “cool,” “fly,” “hip,” “awesome,” etc


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