Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Like A Soap (비누처럼)


Like A Soap (비누처럼)

We’re on the phone and you’re mad – what exactly did that guy say?
You tell me about your fight for a while and you must’ve felt better because you laughed

On a normal Thursday night, I hold onto the phone as always
I’m your most comfortable friend
I’m like soap that is lying around close by

* Ah my heart hurts, oh why can’t you see me?
Your small room, the special part of your heart – I want to sit there
Ah, I’m only looking at you but oh why don’t you know yet?
I don’t want to lay around like white soap that has no existence

My heart is burning like this but you’re yawning
I don’t think I can fall asleep tonight again
But you just say, “Bye, good night” – I want to see you in my dreams

* Repeat

I think it’s hardening, I think my heart is breaking apart
At this rate, we will never happen – I can’t wait any longer

* Repeat


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