Sunday, May 17, 2015

Like Cho Young Pil (조용필처럼)


Like Cho Young Pil (조용필처럼)

Note: Cho Young Pil is one of the most respected and influential artists in Korea. He started his music career in the 60s and is still active today.

I lean against the window in a small room and sing a song that no one knows
A voice that is still worthless is ringing out once again

We can’t eat good food yet, we can’t go to cafes whenever we want yet
My embarrassingly thin wallet – although that’s not what I want
But because you’re here without a single small complaint

* Like Cho Yong Pil, I will sing without change
I will protect you from behind you
Although I can’t treat you well like in the movies, I will never change

I wasn’t lonely because my dream found me when I was young
Though reality tries to catch me – But the once resilient me is struggling these days
Everything is not that easy – me right now is not good enough for you
I can’t even pay my rent properly so I wonder if I have the right to even love you

Should we just break up? I thought about it for a while
I have never really made you happy – am I just a burden to you?
So I try to deny my feelings for you
But my beating heart keeps talking

* Repeat

To you, to you, who is like my lucky charm, to you, to you, to you, who doesn’t waver
I will let you listen to a new and unique song, wherever you are, I’ll embrace you with this song
Because of my pitiful self, no, because of my good-for-nothing life
You have struggled so much so it’s my turn to pay you back
Though I don’t have a single cent, I will put forth all of my genuine heart

* Repeat

I lean against the window in a small room and sing a song that no one knows
Until the day you hear my voice from a big stage some day


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