Wednesday, May 20, 2015

During Those Thousand Days (그 천일 동안)

Ok Ju Hyun

During Those Thousand Days (그 천일 동안)

For a thousand days, I believed that our love would last forever
Foolishly, I thought that was true
I could endure through you leaving me but
Wishing you to be happy would seem a bit strange
During those thousand days, did you know?
When you laughed, when you cried
I always watched over you and was thankful for you
I loved you so much
I will miss you even way after a thousand days after
But it’s okay because you stayed by my side
During those thousand days, were you burdened?
Did I hurt you by any chance?
If I did, please forgive me because it will be for the last time
After that day, I am free
I’m just curious about you
Even in our next lives, let’s not meet
During those thousand days


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