Monday, April 6, 2015

You & I

Monday Kiz

You & I

Don’t leave, my soft love
Tears come, my painful heart
I can’t take a single step, I can’t take a few steps
My feet are begging you

My tearful, painful love
As I look at your tear-stained photos
My hurt heart is in pain, the painful memories hurt
The sadness cannot stop

* I am a man in pain, I am a man who is cast away but
You & I, we can’t grow apart
This isn’t right, I don’t want to let you go

The ring that is difficultly on my finger
I still can’t forget the memory of that day
Because of my hurt heart, because of your memories
I can’t stand a single second

* Repeat

Don’t grow apart

I erase you completely, I erase everything completely
In the corner of my crumbled heart
Your smile still hasn’t left

* Repeat

Now come back to me


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