Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tick Tock (Kor. Version)


Tick Tock (Kor. Version)

Tonight We Gonna Party Tonight We Gonna Party

My first and last love
My heart towards you will never change
Our own love is so beautiful to me
Time flows so let the memories pass
Come on let me set you free
I’m trying to trap you at this moment
Runaway come on let me hold you tonight

* Tonight we gonna party like we’re out of time
Tonight we’ll live it up under the city lights
Tonight as if the night sky is splitting
Tonight Tonight Oh Running out of time
If you are ready to take responsibility in your heart, tonight

I started with a light heart but
Now I can’t just drag this out forever
We have no choice, to me, it’s only you
Gotta let it out nothing to hide
Hold my hand so we won’t get far apart
Shinning like a star like a star Oh
come on let me set you free
I can’t let you go at this time

* Repeat

Yeah this unavoidable destiny
Just you alone, stay by my side
Final round going down baby the way you move makin’ me crazy
For days not too far ahead, Yeah Don’t say no more

Oh Tonight

Yeah, it’s a relationship that can grow closer
You can’t take back spilled water
The two of us eventually promise love, Tomorrow for today
I am saving you this dance
This is your only chance
Baby I’ll take you higher

* Repeat


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