Monday, April 13, 2015

That Person (그 사람) Beyond the Clouds OST


That Person (그 사람) Beyond the Clouds OST

It hurts, I’m hurting more
I’m sad, I’m sadder
Tears keep covering you
Erasing even my memories

It’s sad, that’s even sadder
It hurts, it hurts for me to be like this
My heart keeps calling you
That makes things even harder

Until my memories reflect you
I blankly stare at the sky for a while
When I can get over you as meaningless memories
Then I can forget you even if I’m forced to remember you

That person, that one person, that person I hate, the only person
The person deeply engraved in my heart, painfully piercing me and my faded memories
The person that is you

I’m on a path that I can’t go back
Now I only blankly shed tears

For a long time, I cry, get tired and run out of breath
I can’t go on without you, I don’t want to lose you
So I’ll bury you in my heart

That one person


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