Monday, April 6, 2015




Yeah my friend, look at me in the eye
Tell me who I am in your eyes
To be honest, I’m having a hard time these days
I lift these heavy loads called, eyelids every morning
I get exhausted by breathing
I can only fall sleep after drinking a ton of alcohol
I check my phone all night
I talk with my special friend in my head
So I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist these days
I don’t think positive thinking works all the time
I keep looking for someone
A picture on my left from my childhood
I lie on my hard bed for no reason
My worries are like a foreign language to my ,om
U becomes n every ten seconds
I’m jealous of the birds, when will I be able to fly?

*When will I be able to fly?
When will I be able to smile?
It’s a to be normal, it’s a to be normal
When will I be able to fly?
When will I be able to smile?
It’s a to be normal, it’s a to be normal

I think too much
I feel like everyone’s diary is all in my head
I believe that it’s a curse
If normal is a space, I could be there
The past is an obsession and the future is a continuous start
A piece of gum extended across the two spaces
Am I being arrogant? I wonder how much time needs to pass for things to be better
But still, when I bawl, yes at those times
I feel like someone peeled off a layer from my heart
Water fills up quickly in a wrongly installed a/c
A stream of water runs in a mountain after the winter
I feel like I’m blind, it’s dark even with my eyes opened
I call out my god’s name again
Tomorrow will be like today, and yesterday was like today
I don’t know, I just wanna be normal


Swings, I think I know what you’re saying
I have a lot to say yet I’m speechless
I wish my mind was like a keyboard
I need a control key
It feels like happiness is far away, like across the street
My emotions are on a rollercoaster ride everyday
I’m having a hard time doesn’t work anymore
I’m live a past life like the seniors at the nursing home
I hope tomorrow is different, too bad if it’s not
Sometimes I just eat whatever I have
Even if I don’t believe in god, I pray on my own
I wish for an opposite life
It’s getting harder to lean on someone’s shoulders
Life is like a bitch
I know what this means
On nights like this when I forgot about myself
I really wanna go, beyond that moon
I know that I can’t be normal here



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