Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My J

SNSD Girls' Generation

My J

When people say that you get prettier when you’re in love-
I guess that’s really true
I’m always smiling for no reason and without knowing, I resemble you
It’s definitely weird

Soft but sometimes thick and clear and slightly bright
I love you My J, My My J My J, I love you
With me-

* When I am together with you I am so happy
Can you see? My heart is together 365 every day
When I see you, I don’t know what to do
I’m so obvious that I just start laughing
What do you? I can’t live without you My lovely J

Even as I’m walking, even when I’m laying down
I unexpectedly burst out laughing and roll around for a while
You, whom I hoped for such a long time, is finally by my side
I can’t believe it

Elegantly, but sometimes lightly – brightly but a little softly
Will you appear to me My J, My My J My J, I love you
With me –

* repeat

What should we do now? I pinch myself in case it’s a dream
But in front of me, you are really there, it’s really you
I love you so much My J

* repeat

source: http://cjklyrics.com/girls-generation-snsd-my-j.html

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