Tuesday, April 28, 2015

JIRAL (지랄)

Humming Urban Stereo

JIRAL (지랄)

Tell me that you love me
Promise me that you’ll adore me
Swear that you’ll never leave me
You used to do all of that

Now you say you loved me
Giving me excuses that you have another girl
You make me cry, saying that you have to leave me
So I let you go

Why do you look so happy after you left me?
Take away all the lies you threw up for me
Why are you doing so well after you let me go?
When I can’t even do anything

Whisper that we’ll be forever
Assure me that I’m the only one
Promise that you’ll marry me
You used to do all of that

You give excuses, saying that I’m too much for you
You throw a fit, asking if I really believed everything
Shouting that everything is over
So I let you go

Why are you making me struggle but seem vibrant yourself?
Take away all the fakeness that you gave to me
Why do you seem so energetic after you left me?
When I can’t even do anything

Goodbye my love

source: http://cjklyrics.com/humming-urban-stereo-jiral.html

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