Monday, March 23, 2015

Top Girl


Top Girl

Be on top, be on top
be on top, gotta go

Don’t you wanna be on top
Can’t you see that I can’t stop
Watch and listen, cause it’s hot hot hot

More luxurious and hotter
Wanna fall for my seduction without feeling any guilt?
No worries, Yes if you like it
Just go with my style, with confidence

Sad ending all day
Same things are boring
Go with the feeling
I wannna color myself

*I’m top girl, pop pop popping hot girl
You’ll fall in love with me at first sight, you’ll melt
My charms are about to pop, boo! Just one chance!
It’ll pop pop anytime
So hot, so attracted, I’m totally getting the feeling
Come to me, I get the electrifying feeling
Wow, this is the best feeling
You won’t be able to stop me
I’m top top girl, oh oh oh yeah

Acting like crazy sometimes, acting like pretty sometimes
I wanna play anyway I want
It’s so exciting, so fun
What is there to stop me? Just go with it, ah

Say what?

Sad ending all day
I express myself in a new way
The way my heart beats, in a different electrifying way


Don’t look at me as if I’m a nagging little girl
No, I’m different
I will be reborn totally, everything, watch me

I’m a top girl, pop pop popping hot girl
Hmm yeah
I’m a top girl, pop pop popping hot girl

Say what?


I’m top top girl
oh oh oh yeah


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